SEA314 - Bellanca Decathlon Amarilla 50cc ARTF

- Huge 122" wingspan sport aerobatic model of the popular Super Decathlon civilian aircraf.
- Strong, yet lightweight design, good for aerobatic flying and basic 3D maneuvers!
- Plug-in wings with fast-connect struts make it easy to transport and fast to assemble.
- Opening right side door and scale cockpit.
- Genuine German Oracover iron-on covering, two colors scheme for customers easy to select the color scheme you want.
- Can hover with 60cc-85cc engine.
- Highly prefabricated - Experienced modelers can have this aircraft ready to fly in 20-25 hours.
- Removable rudder and horizontal stabilizers for easier transport and storage.
- LED Light Set Included.
- Carbon Fiber landing gear, carbon fiber wing tube and elevator carbon tube.
- Removable cabin top for easy access.
- Painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants.
- Quality hardware included.
- 6” wheel included.

Wingspan: 122.0 in (310.0 cm)
Wing Area: 2487.8 (160.5 dm²)
Weight: 26.4 - 27.4 lbs (12.5 - 13 kg) 
Length: 84.6 in (215.0 cm)
Engine/Motor size: 60-85 cc
Servo: 7 channels 9 servos