Futaba Emisora T7PX T-FHSS (Limited Edition)

REF. 410002101

1 Receptor R-334SBS


* Número de identificación relativo a la serie limitada.

* Acabado exclusivo en estilo carbono, con anclaje del volante, contra gatillo y enganche de correa en aluminio anodizado y tornillería en titanio y aluminio aeronáutico.

* Incluye dos cachas de goma en colores distintos para una mayor personalización, asa de carbono y protector de pantalla.

* Compatible con automodelos Mini-Z Evo de Kyosho.

* Instalada última versión de software (V4.0).



Futaba 7PX Limited Edition 7-Channel 2.4G T-FHSS Telemetry Radio

The Futaba 7PX Limited Edition 7-Channel 2.4GHz T-FHSS Telemetry Radio System with R334SBS receiver takes everything that makes the 7PX great, and makes it even greater with a carbon printed housing, aluminum steering wheel, blue aluminum trigger and strap hook, white and black grips, soft steering spring, updated software, and more. Combine these Limited Edition updates with the standard 4.3-inch full-color touch screen display, intuitive interface, telemetry function, lightning fast T-FHSS SR (super response) protocol, and 7 channels, and the 7PX-LE becomes the radio system of choice for enthusiasts from every spectrum of the hobby that demand the best.

7PX LE Features: 

  • Carbon printed body
  • Aluminum steering housing
  • Aluminum trigger & hook (Blue alumite)
  • White & black grip included
  • Soft steering spring
  • Partial use of titanium bis, aluminum bis
  • APA, included with angle adapter
  • Carbon handle included
  • Updated Software 

Standard 7PX Features:

  • Full color touch screen LCD
  • TFHSS SR (Super Response) & telemetry TFHSS
  • Updateable Software
  • 40 Model Memory
  • NFC Communication
  • Integral type dial switch
  • Brake mixing for large cars
  • Steering Mixing
  • 4WS Mixing for crawlers and other 4WS type
  • Dual ESC mixing for crawlers
  • Gyro mixing
  • Tank Mixing
  • CPS mixing
  • Brake mixing for large cars
  • Steering Mixing 
  • 4WS Mixing for crawlers and other 4WS type
  • Dual ESC mixing for crawlers
  • Gyro mixing
  • Tank Mixing
  • CPS mixing
  • S.BUS servo
  • MCLink
  • Throttle speed
  • Nontelemetry LED
  • Dial select function
  • Switch select function
  • Adjustable wheel & trigger positions
  • Trigger brake lever replacement
  • Trim/ Dial lock functions
  • Left handed support
  • Vibrator built into the grip 
  • Transmitter:
    • Type: 7 Channel FASST (C2)/SFHSS/TFHSS/TFHSS SR
    • Transmitting frequencies: 2.4 GHz band/ Transmitting RF power output 100mW EIRP
    • Voltage input: 67.4V
    • Current Drain: 350mA or less
    • Screen: 4.3 inch backlighted color TFT liquid crystal touch panel
    • Weight: 20.5 oz (580 g)
  • Receiver:
    • Type: R334SBS 
    • Power requirement: 3.7V7.4V
    • System: SFHSS SR/ TFHSS (auto detection) S.BUS2 system
    • Size: 1.34×0.88×0.45″ (33.9×22.3×11.3mm)
    • Weight: 0.23oz.
  • R334SBS receiver
  • APA drop down adapter
  • Extra grip in black
  • Wheel angle adapter
  • Carbon fiber carrying handle
  • Aluminum small trigger
  • Large wheel with rubber grip
  • LCD protection sheet
  • Mini driver
  • Manual





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