Cargador CR-2500
This charger compatible with T14MZ Lithium-ion batteries, outdoor charging is possible. (Lithium-ion only for transmitters; NiCd and NiMH capable for receivers)


•Display: LCD with back light
•Dimensions / weight: 151 mm x 85 mm x 35 mm / 365 g
•Fail-safe device: Reverse polarity protection circuit
•Batteries: TX LT2F2200 RX (NiCd, NiMH)
•Charging current: TX AUTO RX : 0.05A-2A GLOW: 1A-2.5A
•Charge: RX: 0.5A
•Charging range: TX: 6-8 cells/500mAh-2000mAh
RX: 4-6 cells/50mAh-2000mAh
GLOW: 1 cell/2000mAh-3000mAh
•Main Functions: TX, RX, GLOW battery charge
•Discharge: RX only
•Input voltage: DC11V-16V
•Operation voltage: 10.5V
•Cut type: Delta peak

* TX and RX, or, TX and GLOW can be charged simultaneously.
* RX output and GLOW output can not be used simultaneously. In the case where they are both connected, only GLOW is used.